I'm not sure what you are asking regarding gmail smtp functionality. Documents can be attached in Setup - Maintenance - Attach Documents.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

So am I the only one having this issue?

I've been having difficulty reconciling my bank account. I am able to reconcile to the point where the difference is 0. But when I go to reconcile the next month's statement, FA is not picking up the opening balance from the previous reconciliation, nor does it look like all the items that have been reconciled remained reconciled. Any suggestions? Is there a save button somewhere that i'm missing after reconciling an account?

I need to allocate some money from my general account to a dimension. Is there any way to do that? It has to show up on a profit/loss statement filtered by dimension.

Figured it out. Had some of the GL accounts set incorrectly.

I'm a newbie with fa and am trying to close a fiscal year but I keep getting the error message The Retained Earnings Account should be a Balance Account or the Profit and Loss Year Account should be an Expense Account (preferred the last one in the Expense Class). I have the Retained earnings as Equity and the Profit/Loss is at the end of my expenses. What am I doing wrong?