Is it possible to change the default G/L accounts in Item Maintenance when you add a new Item to inventory? The defaults I'm referring to are:

Sales Account: 4010 Sales
Inventory Account: 1510 Inventory
C.O.G.S. Account: 5010 Cost of Goods Sold - Retail
Inventory Adjustments Account: 1510 Inventory

We don't have inventory and don't require the Sales Account. Yet the system will not let me delete these accounts, apparently because Item Maintenance defaults to them. If I can't disable Item Maintenance then I'd like to change these default accounts to something else. Please advise how I could do so. Thanks.

Michael Wassil

I'm a new user, as well, and am very interested in the response to this question. Most fund accounting software specifically designed for non profits is hosted and/or subscription based. FA has a "US COA for a nonprofit company"; but whether FA conforms to FASB or GASB, I don't know. Nor do I know if the accounts in the non profit COA correspond with US Form 990. I hope one of the developers responds to this question. Thanks for starting the thread.


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What is the status of this proposed module? A payroll module would definitely round out the capabilities of FA. Thanks.