Topic: Article WEIGHT and SIZE (LxHxW)

Im trying to find a way to add (unless it already was treated) to ADD to each individual ITEM its WEIGHT and Dimensions (LxHxW). AND see if in an invoice the total weight could be shown (totalled) ..
I think this is pretty important, to be able to show the customer why a different type of transport was chosen .. and billed !!

Very often the transport company's either use VOLUME and/or weight to bill the transport.

Anyone know of a solution (or does one exist) ???

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Re: Article WEIGHT and SIZE (LxHxW)

FA currently just has "Ship Via" specific Shipper info and no shipping rates based on volume/weight/distance on a per shipper basis. Maybe this might be a good inclusion into FA 2.5.

Re: Article WEIGHT and SIZE (LxHxW)

I will put this on the 2.5 list.