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Topic: FrontAccounting behind Cloudflare session issue

Hi team,

I am trying to setup a FA server behind Cloudlfare, through a standard plan, and I am having some issues with the session. FA keeps asking for authentication every now and then.

It works fine when I disable Cloudflare protection.

I've worked through different php.ini tweaks, tried several Cloudflare options... the issue is still there.
It seems the session expires/changes and then forces FA to request authentication.

My setup:
Digitalocean VPS running Ubuntu Server v18.04
FA v2.4.6
Cloudflare standard plan

**Any hints?


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Re: FrontAccounting behind Cloudflare session issue

Does this topic help?

Also search forum... numerous posts on keep getting logged out & similar

What php version?

If you still cannot resolve, post again stating what you have tried already

Re: FrontAccounting behind Cloudflare session issue

Solved. Thanks.
I searched around the word authentication, and was yielding inaccurate solutions.
The mentioned topic solved it.