Topic: rep_batch_check_print

I was able to get rep_batch_check_print to work by adding an additional header4 to  The three check/cheque print modules in the repository rely upon $rep->SetHeaderType(null); which only works for the first page of a multipage pdf as in this module.  Subsequent pages had formatting applied to them automatically necessitating a fix.  I copied the header3 function into header4 and commented out the unnecessary header items showing in the modules report and in the module set $rep->SetHeaderType('Header4'); Everything functions perfectly now.  Is there a way to define the new header4 outside of preferably within the module itself.  I dont like changing any of the core files at all.

Re: rep_batch_check_print

@chem75, copy the in the module's reporting folder. Then call this file in the report rep_batch_check_print instead of core Add Header4 function in the copied