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I am finding it difficult to add the current fiscal year that is Jan to Dec 2019 as it is showing fiscal year by default as 1st Jan 2014 to 31st Dec 2014 in front accounting version 2.3.25

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From FA fiscal years. You can't skip years and months or even days in fiscal year creation. So create all those years from. 2014 to till and then close the unused years and then delete it.

Or simply access the database and change the years from fiscal years table

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So what about the latest version do we still need to create all those years till the date??

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That comes with recent year. You can get from 2019 or 2018

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Go to Setup->Fiscal Years

Clicking on help in the page will open a popup window showing fiscal years wiki.

Once you have finished there go to Setup->Company Setup to set which fiscal year you are using