Topic: Cant add inventory items

When I try to add an inventory item, I get an error symbol on the top.

Activated debugging but still only the error symbol appears, no logs. Checked the tmp/errors.log file but nothing there either.

Does anyone has a clue about what could be happening.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cant add inventory items

Hi, you'll need to provide more info for anyone to help you. Version? php version? server type, etc.

Has your server setup changed? Try a clean install?

Use your browser dev mode (F12) to check for errors.

(This was my own yellowtriangle problem - probably not the same issue as you, but will give you some ideas for finding the problem, also search this forum)

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Re: Cant add inventory items

Frontaccounting Version 2.4.6 recently upgraded. My method for upgrading is clean install then copy whatever is missing to the new folder, meaning my modified login and logout screens, config.php, local themes, backups and also language folder.

PHP Version 7.3.6

Server version: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) running on a cloud VPS.

Setup has not changed in a long time.

I found this other post, which references the module I'm having problems with, but not 100% sure it's related.

Will try dev mode and update.

Thank you poncho.

After running with dev mode activated, I get the following error:

Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://[my website]/inventory/manage/items.php?JsHttpRequest=[numbers]-form does not permit framing.

First test used firefox browser. I just ran the test on chromium browser and the error is the following:

Refused to display 'https://[my website]/inventory/manage/items.php?JsHttpRequest=[numbers]-form' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'.

I have set X-Frame-Options to deny for security purposes, my understanding is that frames are used to embed and isolate 3rd party content into a website, this option helps prevent clickjacking. Is there no other way around my problem but to disable this option? I'm guessing through an .htacces file on this folder only. Are there any other modules in Frontaccounting that use frames where I should use this special .htacces file?

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Re: Cant add inventory items

What happens when you allow x-frame options? Does the problem go away?

An iframe is used for the date picker(maybe for other js uses too???)
Any page with a date option will definitely have an iframe, at first glance items don't have a date, but now look at the tabbed content.

SO has numerous posts on the subject - there's even a tag for x-frame-options

@apmuthu, can you help please?

If still problems try:-

Make a clean install, if you get the same problem, it more or less eliminates FA software.

What other php versions do you have besides 7.3.6? I have had issues running 7.2 a while ago, dialed back to 7.1 and all was ok.

Re: Cant add inventory items

This is the exact same issue as you have

Re: Cant add inventory items

I changed it to x-frame-ooptions SAMEORIGIN and now it's working.

Thank you both very much.

Re: Cant add inventory items


x-frame-options SAMEORIGIN


Send out the header using PHP:

header("X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN");

In .htaccess:

Header append X-FRAME-OPTIONS "DENY"

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Re: Cant add inventory items

Yes, typo on the post, luckily not on the server's config. Thank you though.

I applied it through .htacces

Header always set X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN