Topic: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

I'm not understanding what I may have done to have my SO numbers not match my Invoice numbers and it's driving me nuts. If I send a Statement to one of my customers the numbers seem to be wrong.

I've been using "Direct Invoice" to bill my customer and I think it automatically creates a SO and a Delivery Note? But the numbers do not match.

What should I set up or correct to get the SO and Invoice numbers to match up?  What other information should I post to give the info you need to help ...

Love the package, but I'm no where near an accountant and have probably muxed something up.

Thanks in advance for any pointers advice or help.

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Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

Have you voided an invoice? Sure you have not done a sales order?

At some point, depending on what you have done they will not match, the reference number is different to the system number.
The reference number is your unique number/ value for each transaction: But the system needs a unique number too -
read here and
also read this topic.

So in all the inquiries, use the 'Reference' column to find the right transaction, from there you can see the sys# or order# related to your reference number and then for further investigation if required. (so for the moment ignore sys#, order# look for your unique reference number)

Yes using a "Direct Invoice" does create 'background' transactions
Have a good read about:-

Simple Sales Process
Intermediate Sales Process
Complex Sales Process
here and the related linked pages

You can 'reset' the reference number in Setup->Transaction References, but at some point they will go out of synch again so not advised.

Best advice for a FA beginner is to setup a training company, try things out on there; along with a good read of wiki and this forum, using the training company you can make as many mistakes as you like.

If you are doing something you are not quite sure about on your actual accounts, always make a backup 1st.

There's also some links to learn the basics of accountancy in the wiki as well

Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

The problem manifests itself when I send a statement. "Outstanding Transactions" shows a list of "Sales Invoice" numbers. But those numbers are off from the numbers on the Sales Invoices I sent them previously ...

Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

Please send some screenshots of the issue and some more detail.

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Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

Sorry it took me a while to do this in a way that it doesn't expose data.


I can't use the statement as the invoice numbers on it are one number off from the number on the invoice itself.

Screenshots of what section in FA would be helpful next?? I'm baffled by this behavior and trying to figure out what I did wrong. I don't really care about work order, sales order and invoice number matching, but the invoice number on the statement HAS to match the invoice number on the invoice.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

Hi, the only thing I can think of is that you have in a previous direct invoice changed the Reference: manually?
This is not advisable.

So try the following:-

1. Most importantly - Create a backup
2. Find the highest invoice number used so far, lets say its 961
3. Got to Setup-Transaction References.
4. Edit the Sales Invoice number to read {962} (If you're not bothered about missing invoice numbers, then change it to 971 as long its a higher number)
5. Now create some made up invoices for various customers - They should all start from the number(or number +1)you entered.

Do the reference numbers for these new invoices now match up from a statement?

If yes then restore the backup you made in step one and make the changes to the transaction ref

Please note this will not change any previous reference numbers, just new invoices To change existing invoice reference numbers you would have to edit the database manually; which is unadvisable unless you really know what you are doing.

Re: Match SO and Invoice numbers?

poncho1234 wrote:

the only thing I can think of is that you have in a previous direct invoice changed the Reference: manually?

Maybe? Thinking the reverse of this would solve my issue I followed a simplified version of your instructions ... backed up, manually incremented the reference in a live invoice and processed it, printed a statement and ... back on track!!

I must have backed that up one number thinking I would fix an invoice. So I incremented it to match the expected number on the statement and it did.

Odd, changing the reference to {100} did NOT change the invoice number ...

Thanks, I'm able to match invoice numbers on my statements now and that's what I needed.