Topic: Date and Fiscal year issue.

Hi, I am completely new and this might be my ignorance rather than bugs. I got the following issues and hope you guys can help.

Quotation and sales date defaulted to 31/Dec/2018

Unable to change the fiscal year to the company tax year.

The quotation validation date is wrong. I have changed in setting to a different number and I realise the days would be 31/Dec/2018 + x days. Today is 03/Jun/2019.


Re: Date and Fiscal year issue.


setup-->Fiscal Years
You have to add your 2019 dates of your fiscal years.
setup-->Company Setup
Choose the fiscal year of 2019 and hit UPDATE on the bottom of the screen.

Test if it works for your quotation dates..

Give us some feedback

Re: Date and Fiscal year issue.

Hi Rafat.

Thank you for your reply. I have hit the button a few times (didn't know what I was doing) and now I added a few years but i cannot delete them. If I try it will say "Cannot delete this fiscal year because there are fiscal years before." But I don't have any option do delete any of them. Please help......

Fiscal Year Begin    Fiscal Year End    Closed       
1-Jan-2018    31-Dec-2018    Yes       
1-Jan-2019    31-Dec-2019    No       
1-Jan-2020    31-Dec-2020    No       
1-Jan-2021    31-Dec-2021    No

Re: Date and Fiscal year issue.


Well this is not easy then, I will leave them as they are but make sure the current fiscal year is 2019. You can delete 2018 for sure.. Take a look at this:

Good Luck