Topic: Translating to nl_NL

I have edited the Dutch language file since a lot of entries were missing or not correctly translated.
Unfortunately not all English labels were part of the Dutch language file. I have read posts that the missing English labels were added to the Dutch language file.

I like to support the translation of the labels and the wiki-pages in the Dutch language by offering my support.
How to proceed?

Re: Translating to nl_NL

Upload your Dutch translations and paste the link here.
Compare with those in the FA24extensions repo and in Transifex.

Re: Translating to nl_NL

Updated Dutch (nl_NL) translations. See Links above.

180 strings left to translate.

Re: Translating to nl_NL

Fully Done!

Thanks @Stefan66



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Re: Translating to nl_NL

@joe- Update it on Core, People can use it from our new versions.