Topic: Dangling paid supplier invoices

I am learning setting up FrontAccounting as I go. While there are progress that are going to right direction, there are some which, at the moment sits idle neither right or wrong

One issue that I'm finding is how you allocate payment to due/overdue supplier invoices

Let's say, we have the following
- Overdue supplier invoices $1,000 INV-001 on 21 February 2019

And when we want to make Supplier Payments of $1,000 we should be allocating to corresponding invoices, which in this case to INV-001

If you do that, then All is well. The invoice has been paid and hence clear

I used to not do it this way. What I did was entering the $1,000 straight onto the "Amount of Payment" field. While this comes out/offset-ed correctly on Supplier Balance report etc, this transaction will leave INV-001 dangling as unpaid / not resolved yet

How can I correct this ?
Preferably not voiding all those 'past mistakes' and create new one that replaces it LOL

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