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Hi Team,
Is the RepGen Extension working? I am not able to get it to do anything. I always get:
TCPDF error: Unable to create output file: /1/pdf_files/6.pdf
to anything I do including running or editing the existing sample data.
Am I doing something wrong?

Re: RepGen

Use the version in the FA24extensions repo. The official one does not work for FA 2.4 properly

Your issue is with the path not properly set in the official version of the extension and possibly permissions issue with the said folder if it still persists.

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Re: RepGen


I think this is a very broken extension. Are you sure its worth keeping it? Unless it works for someone else which I doubt.

1) I needed to change to

$file =  company_path().'/pdf_files/'.$id.'.pdf';

instead of

$file =  $comp_path.'/'.user_company(). '/pdf_files/'.$id.'.pdf';

to get it to kick start ..this is for my two different environments.
2) Inserting anything (garbage) in the test Sql box passes with flying green colors.

Something is genuinely wrong with this extension.

I am ready to spend time testing if you guide me to something that is useful..

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Re: RepGen

@rafat, yes RepGen has issues.  The default report however produces pdf but later you are not able to do anything.

Some points were discussed earlier here but couldn't get solution to it.

However the line

$file =  $comp_path.'/'.user_company(). '/pdf_files/'.$id.'.pdf';

can be fixed as below

$file =  $SysPrefs->comp_path.'/'.user_company(). '/pdf_files/'.$id.'.pdf';

Re: RepGen

Follow instructions in the docs folder of the module.

Basically try to generate some sample reports that are pre-populated in the sql folder which gets executed on activation and is usable on enablement of permissions for the desired role.