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I'm running frontaccounting 2.4.6 on php 7.1, in a sub-directory (

The Elegant theme looks wonderful!
When I click on a top level menu like Sales, Purchases, or Dimensions, and then click on a lower level menu item, like Sales > Sales Quotation Entry, everything is fine. But if I click on another lower level menu item, like Sales > Sales Order, the subdirectory gets dropped from the url and it tries to serve instead of

If I click on a top level menu item again, I can click on a lower level menu item again, but again, only once. A second click on a lower  level menu item will again drop the subdirectory from the url.

I hope this is something that can be fixed.


Re: Elegant Theme Issues

Of course, I will have a look.


Re: Elegant Theme Issues

Well, I see that this has never been updated for release 2.4. This must be a mistake, and I will fix this. But you can download the file included here. Unpack it and replace the files in /themes/elegant folder.
And you should be going.

Thank you for your nice words.


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Re: Elegant Theme Issues

Thanks, Joe. It works perfectly now.

I'm very grateful to the entire FA team. you guys are awesome!