Topic: install/activation of extensions in v2.4.6

Just installed a test version 2.4.6 of frontaccounting and up and running well with data from currently used 2.3.22
I just cant get the extension install/activation to work. it lockes the screen up after the yellow triangle appears. Am i missing something or some file/folder permissions etc? Has anyone else had this problem?
Many thanks

Re: install/activation of extensions in v2.4.6

Hope you have extension openssl .dll/.so enabled in your php.ini.

FA 2.3.22 should have been updated to 2.3.26 and a backup taken of the FA folder (company and installed extensions / languages and the sql dump of the db.

Re: install/activation of extensions in v2.4.6

openssl enabled and proceedure from FA 2.3.22 through 2.3.26 to FA 2.4.6 was followed. Database upgrade performed as expected and all else appears to be working well so far. Still can't install extensions. Is there a detailed proceedure on how to manually install extensions as i have them downloaded?

Re: install/activation of extensions in v2.4.6

Check from your browser if the following can be downloaded:

Although the folders in the path above are available for v2.4.1, 2.4.2, ... 2.4.6, they may contain outdated files and in the latest 2.4.6 folder path, the Languages are packed wrongly though some updated versions exist.

It is possible your local IP may be blocked by virtue of the server subscribing to some blacklist in your IP resides.

Which extension do you wish to install manually? Just extract the contents and place them in a folder (folder name listed in _init/config file) inside the modules/ folder. It should then appear in your list of extensions available for installation without the need to download from the official extensions repo. This is only for the "extensions" and not for the charts, themes or languages.

@joe: Which path is the latest that needs to be set in version.php ?