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Hi all,

Not sure if this is a bug or something which is not supposed to happen so pardon me if I am wasting time.

I am using to printing multiple invoices via Sales/Inquiries and Reports/Customer and Sales Reports/Print Invoices

Here we have option to select all the invoices we want to print and we can generate a long pdf file.

But if I try to do the same within Purchases/Supplier and Purchasing Reports/Print Purchase Orders , I can select one PO and see the pdf file. The moment I select 2 or more POs for printing I get 1 blank pdf file.
Is this a bug ?

And while we are talking about this particular aspect, I would also like to point out that it would be great if we could have a filter here to select a particular supplier and print only their POs. There is such option available in sales invoice printing, where we can select a particular client and print all their invoices.

Hope to iron this out soon.


Re: Printing Purchase Orders

Make sure the Ordering Sequence of the records is from the smaller / first to the bigger / last one.

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Re: Printing Purchase Orders

You are master of this system. Thank you.

Any chances we could have the sequence in from : start from the 1st/oldest PO rather than the latest ?

Re: Printing Purchase Orders

I am sure that whilst the thought did arise during the design, in most instances it is the last invoice that is chosen to be printed and hence the ease of choosing last invoice to last invoice was preferred. Furthermore, assuming that a large number of invoices existed, the dropdown would be tough to navigate. The only remnant of discord in such a sequence would be if there is a mixture of auto numbering and actual numbering interspersed.