Topic: Bug Created by Last Commit to items.php

After this Commit a bug is found in items.php.

If by chance the Item Code matches with any of the GL Code then When you see the details of any Item it shows that GL Code in all related GL Accounts for that Item.

Re: Bug Created by Last Commit to items.php

I tried to do the same thing, like I created a GL account ( 121110)
And I created an item with same item code. 

And i tried to clone it and also it saved with different code. during the clone it worked fine.

Than i placed one PI and checked things. Really sorry, i couldn't understand the abnormal behaivour

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Re: Bug Created by Last Commit to items.php

The problem is not in Cloning but Just in View of an already Created Item whose Code is Same as that of any GL Code.

To Reproduce the Error follow the steps below

Login here
id: admin
pass: Pakistan1947

Go to Iitems&Inventory>>Items

Create a New Item with Code 5800 and check the behavior.

There is already a GL Account with Code 5800 named Licenses.

Once you Create the Item and then Reopen it you will see this screen

While you see the above screen the Data in Database is absolutely correct. The problem is just in View of the related GL Codes for this Item.

Note: This installation is a Fresh installation with the Demo Data

Re: Bug Created by Last Commit to items.php

@joe: This could be an issue based on the commit at line 363 where a sales_account is used instead of item units.