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Having problems upgrading from FA2.3.24 to 2.4.4 Would appreciate some guidance ion ho to do it. Or I'll be happy to pay anyone that can do it.

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Steps to Upgrade it

1. Backup the database from your current version FA 2.3.24 .
2. Install a new fresh FA 2.3.26 on separate directory.
3. Restore the database which you backed up on FA2.3.24 and login as admin in FA 2.3.26
4. Again here Backup database  from 2.3.26 and save it on your pc
5. Download Fresh New FA copy, 2.4.4 and install it fresh.
6. Now you need to Restore the backup you exported from FA2.3.26
7. Now when you login as administrator, FA will ask you to update your database. 
8. Now go to Software Upgrade.  You can see Update option, Just click and update the Database. 

Once these steps done successfully, everything will be alright with new version.

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i am trying to update FA 2.4.4 to 2.4.5,

i am using custom theme and let me know can we update files SIDE by SIDE code or another way to do this instead of replacing files?


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Custom Theme should not generally be affected when uploading the version change files.