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Hello Community
I have been using frontaccounting since 2014 it is working well for small businesses and managing my accounts for small trading company but for now i recently started service business where i just provide different services and have added all items as a service.
example :
service 1 :  1000
service 2 :  2000
service 3 :  3000
service 4 :  2000
service 5 :  3000
service charges : 2000
total       :   13000

it is working fine but my question is all mentioned items are expenses except my gross profit is service charges item 2000.
but having issue in PL and Sales account all these items are showing me my profit instead of just 2000
I don't now how to set all these items as an expense where it directly post in expenses.

Thanks in advance.
- Bilal Ahmed

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Re: Need help regarding service business

What GL account have you selected for the service items?

If they are expenses you probably need to purchase them from the supplier, then resell them to your customer.

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Re: Need help regarding service business

I have created new Chart of accounts for different items
example service one item selected CA with Service one and grouped in expense.and i already have mentioned about items are service and service is provided by me  it is not any purchased item to buy from supplier.

Re: Need help regarding service business

So what type of 'expense' are they? wages?

Re: Need help regarding service business

Then everything is a service charge!
All are your profits as you have provided them!

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Yes Apmuthu every thing is a service charge but i have added service items for just show in invoice but by business my profit is just  one item like "Service charges" other items are expenses Iam looking solution or way to post directly other items in to expense... please suggest me what to do in this scenerio

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From the wiki, 2nd title

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