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Topic: How to do reimbursments or third party allocations?

We have a situation where people purchase items from our vendors, pay the vendor invoice, and then need to be reimbursed.

I currently create the vendor invoice and then put a note in the vendor payment about the reimbursement.  Not easy to follow the payment path or search.

I need some way of allocating payment to a vendor against another vendor’s invoice:
I would like to create the vendor invoice, make a payment to the purchaser (setup as a vendor), and then allocate that payment to the actual vendor’s invoice.

This would record all parties involved in the transaction in a searchable way.
Is there any better way to do third party payments?

Re: How to do reimbursments or third party allocations?

Reimbursements can be treated as cash advances to original purchasers and then a payment allocation and settlement to them. Otherwise, a normal cash purchase can be entered and cash given as reimbursement and recorded in the memo accordingly. The latter will not track supplier.

When one Vendor's payment needs to go to another vendor upon suitable authorisation, it is best to create a credit/debit note pair for each vendor and then make the allocation as normally done.