Topic: Marker in Void Transactions

When a Transaction is selected to be voided in FA, It is not highlighted.

Below code would server the cause. Replace the code starting at Line # 174

function is_selected($row) // Function added by faisal
            global $selected_id;
            return $row['trans_no'] == $selected_id ? true : false;

    $trans_ref = false;
    $sql = get_sql_for_view_transactions(get_post('filterType'), get_post('FromTransNo'), get_post('ToTransNo'), $trans_ref);
    if ($sql == "")

    $cols = array(
        _("#") => array('insert'=>true, 'fun'=>'view_link'),
        _("Reference") => array('fun'=>'ref_view'),
        _("Date") => array('type'=>'date', 'fun'=>'date_view'),
        _("GL") => array('insert'=>true, 'fun'=>'gl_view'),
        _("Select") => array('insert'=>true, 'fun'=>'select_link')

    $table =& new_db_pager('transactions', $sql, $cols);
    $table->set_marker('is_selected', _("Marked transactions will be voided.")); //Added by Faisal

Re: Marker in Void Transactions

Will do later. Thanks.


Re: Marker in Void Transactions

Committed to stable repo. Can be downloaded here.