Topic: Report layout

I'm customizing sales order report.  It is 3 pages pdf report. Each page has different layout.
First page has customers Info and order total value
second page has order details
third page is annexure

I used SetHeaderType(header30) and customized first page

Im using SetHeaderType(header30_1) and customize second page

but im not getting any result of layout on second page.

Can anyone help me to guide this problem

Re: Report layout

@Prabha,  You can't set different headers with help of SetHeaderType. 

But i can advice you to check the "Tax Reports" rep709.php. Here first layout will be for the list of taxes and its details. the last page will be the summary of the Tax as per the tax types.  you can check the functionality of providing different  page headers here.

Good luck

Re: Report layout

Thanks for the response.

We can set different headers with help of SetHeaderType.
I used different header types and now able to have different layouts for different pages in the report.

I made a small mistake which i rectified and now im able to do