Topic: Inactive modules even after activation

Dear fellows, good day

I have downloaded, installed, and activated some extensions. They show up but they are inactive (not clickable).
I am using FA 2.4.4, and the extensions i installed are:
- FrontHrm (Human Resource Extension)

I installed a theme as well and also nothing showed up.

Am I missing something?
Kindly help.

Re: Inactive modules even after activation

You need to provide page permission to your login.   

Here is the procedure to provide it.

Goto Setup ->Access setup

Here select " Your role (System Administrator as main login access).  and scroll to end and there are some checkboxes, check them all. Each main checkbox will show some more by extending the list.

check them all and click "Save Role" 

Than logout and login again. You can able to access those pages.

Re: Inactive modules even after activation

Now it's working.
Many thanks kvvaradha for your help.