Topic: Unable to cancel a sales order

Hi all,

I might be bit slow in updating my version so please ignore that.

I am still using the 2.4.2 version and believe it has been most stable for me in terms or implementing.

But, in my live version I have a sales order ( prepayment order), which never materialized and so I want to cancel it.

In normal case I just go to Sales/Inquiries and Reports/Sales Order Inquiry and then select the order to edit via a little pencil icon which is next to printer icon, and open the sales order in edit mode and simply cancel it.

For this particular sales order I am do not get any option to edit it ( pencil has disappered).

I haven't allocated any payment to it and even in the customer allocations it is pending for allocation of payment.

Is there any way to get rid of this by cancelling this order ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Re: Unable to cancel a sales order

Check if the specific delinquent sales order is in the previous fiscal year and if it is not closed as yet and work accordingly.

Re: Unable to cancel a sales order

Thank you for your valuable input as always.

Seems I had allocated payment to this order and also done a "invoice against delivery" for this order instead of 'invoice prepaid order" option.

So it was showing outstanding though the delivery was made.

But having cancelled the 'invoice against delivery' and after processing 'invoice prepaid order' the problem has been resolved.

Though I have another issue going on now.

When I try to print the invoices for customer via reports, this one prepaid order is showing on each invoice of theirs, instead of the invoice for which the prepayment was received.

It seems a minor glitch but this has also stopped showing all the invoices.

When I try to see all the invoices of all customers, I can only see invoices from 1st (latest invoice) to the invoice which has this prepaid orders). The invoices before these prepaid orders dont' show in the pdf file which gets generated.

Re: Unable to cancel a sales order

@joe: any filters in the sql(s) that are needed to be tweaked?