Topic: No access to one of several companies

I am using FA for for several companies - each with its separate database. Now I have the problem that two companies are unreachable: The initial company (the one under which I can create/update other companies) that I used for testing as well as one more company that is operational.

When I log in using my user name and password I get a white screen and nothing else happens. It seems as if I am somehow logged in because I cannot simply go back in my browser and reach the log-in window. My only option then is to restart the computer. Afterwards, I am able to log into other companies through the drop-down under the username/password but as soon as I try to log into one of the two mentioned companies, I am blocked with a blank white page. 

I am not aware of any changes that I might have made to these specific companies and I am not very tech-savvy. Has anyone come across this problem before and can you help?


Re: No access to one of several companies

All db access info are in config_db.php - check if those credentials are okay.
It is possible that some sys_prefs table records may have become corrupted.
If you have a backup for those companies, then try to manually restore them using any mysql client (phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, etc).

Since your other companies are working, the specific company/#/* files may be corrupted too. Check for the installed_extensions.php file contens in each of these folders.

Actually, at the very start, you should be examining your webserver error logs!

Re: No access to one of several companies

Thanks apmuthu,

I asked another user to log in and she was able to access the company so I assume it relates to the specific user id data rather than the company data.

I will ask our tech expert to assist me go through the table records. It must be where the error is.


Re: No access to one of several companies

It is possible that your password may have changed. All passwords are MD5 hash of the plain text password stored in the users table.