Topic: Can not release workorder

I suddenly cannot do any manufacturing. I cannot produce, nothing happens when I press 'Process and Close'
The same applies for releasing a work order, nothing happens.
Any ideas.


Re: Can not release workorder

enable debugging mode and see the error on screen and put it here to advice you clearly.

Re: Can not release workorder

FrontAccounting 2.4.4
Current database version     2.4.1

DATABASE ERROR : The work order requirements could not be added
error code : 1146
error message : Table 'frontaccounting.0_wo_requirements' doesn't exist

Re: Can not release workorder

Check your database name and prefix in the config_db.php file and then check that the said tables exist.

Re: Can not release workorder

Already checked that and the table are missing, everything else works fine. Restored a backup from where I know the manufacturing still worked as some of the work orders have not been entered and it give me the same error.

So apart from starting from scratch anything else that I can do.

Re: Can not release workorder

It happens when your data is corrupted.  the Work orders are connected with few tables.


Here the work orders are passed among these tables. in the entries are missing in one table and it has in another table, gives you this kind of trouble.

As you said some works, than it has missing data.  You should check the data's manually