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I have created an extension module to provide an Australian Tax Invoice.

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) is rather flexible about the layout of invoices but there are several mandatory elements that must be complied with to be legal. Their guidelines can be found here … axinvoices.

I have used the Module facility to override the standard invoice (rep109) to make FA generate compliant invoices. A number of the other reports have also been modified to be consistent (but not a legal requirement). As this is using Modules, the changes can be switched on or off simply by enabling or disabling the extension.

Module can be downloaded from

@apmuthu Can this be added to the official extensions?


Re: Australian Tax Invoice extension

Will look into it. Need to check if the UPDATE / INSERT sqls are needed here or changes in the core file(s) are in order. Since many countries including India too follow the GST bandwagon (not that many in the trade are paying it / like to pay it / subsidise excessive and unwarranted govt spending on undesirables!) it may be in order to make it generic.

Re: Australian Tax Invoice extension

Thanks. Let me know if there are any issues. I have tried to make as few changes as possible that meets the ATO requirements.

I'm not sure if this could be made generic as each jurisdiction has it's own requirements. For example the ATO insists that all references are to 'GST', whereas the UK uses 'VAT'. I suspect that there would have to be several versions (eg: Australia, UK, India, USA, etc.) Happy to discuss further ideas.

Re: Australian Tax Invoice extension

The GST / VAT are addressed in the locale translation files.
There are some computational changes you have introduced - in what way do these changes affect the output?

Re: Australian Tax Invoice extension

The ATO guidelines show two examples: one for invoices less than $1000 and the other for amounts of $1000 or more. In practice most businesses choose one or the other depending on if the bulk of their invoices are above or below the threshold. I have modeled my changes on example 2 (above $1000).

This layout requires separating price (ex tax), GST and total for each line item, which required some changes to the calculations. The line and column totals are unchanged.

Hope this clarifies these changes.