Re: Bug Found and Fixed in rep101.php


Please try this change in rep101.php. Rename the rep101.php1 to rep101.php and replace.

Tell me if the outstanding column is correct now when selecting Show Balance to No.

I guess the allocation column still has some discrepancies.

I want this clarified before continuing with the allocation column.

@apmuthu and @boxygen
Maybe we can inplement the Branch selection too. If we write this information above in the report with the other parameter info, I guess we need no more columns. Right?
Sorry Guys. We have no link between the customers and branches in Report Selections, so it will be a major change here. So be patient, maybe in the next major.


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Re: Bug Found and Fixed in rep101.php


I have committed the Summation of the Outstanding Open Balances in this report, Customer Balance.

Still investigating the allocation column, although this is not an important column, but anyhow.