Topic: Adding new fields in sales order

This is for an equipment management company that sends equipment for rental basis. Is it possible to add 3 new fields in Sales order
with Job Name ;
Job Location;
Job Date and Time ;
Delivery Date and Time ;
Job Completion Date and Time

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Adding new fields in sales order

Without making any modifications you could use a customer branch for most of the above (In the Payment dropdown do not select cash only - select a credit term eg in 15 days) You also have the comments section

Re: Adding new fields in sales order

I wish to modify the Sales order form to incorporate these fields. Please advise.

Re: Adding new fields in sales order

Create an extension for it. Learn from the existing extensions in the FA24extensions repo.

Re: Adding new fields in sales order

FA doesn't provide hooks to modify views.  So, if you want to 'modify' a view you need to create an extension, copy the view code, then modify the view code in your extension.  You can then have your extension modify the menu structure to make the menu system reference your extension rather than the core implementation of the view.

One example of this is the recurring sales modules I made a couple of years ago.  The code is on Github here:


Re: Adding new fields in sales order

If I understand what you mean, add the needed fields in the DB table sales_orders and then edit in sales/includes/..  in DB or UI  first the corresponding SQL-s and then the UI includes to add the needed cells. When it's all working, you will need to see in the reporting what of them is needed on the printouts.