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Topic: Voucher numbering

How can I Sort transaction numbers by date in web version?

I need to classified the Documents for auditing so my vouchers need to have numbering sort.

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no Idea about it?

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I'm waiting for your guidance.

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State the navigation to which page you refer to.

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I checked my voucher in "Reports and Analysis/General Ledger/List of journal entries"

I'm going to open my voucher from "Banking and General Ledger/Journal Inquiry" and print one by one.

If the FA gives me in better way, I mean each Voucher in one sheet A4 with arranged number by date please let me know.


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The Rep702 - List of Journal Entries is in report format and is already arranged by Date, but several vouchers are in each page to conserve space.

The "Banking and General Ledger/Journal Inquiry" is a screen display and you can print them one by one.

If you want to print the latter as one per page then just copy the URLs to a file and run a batch file on them and then print them all in one go.

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Thanks dear apmuthu

what about sort of numbers by date?
is it possible to do?

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Unless filtered by a specific voucher type, the number wise sorting will be erroneous as the same number can appear across different dates if they belong to different voucher types.

As the vouchers are sorted by date, all transaction numbers across all voucher types will get listed in the order they were entered by default.

In the case of rep702.php here, the list of transactions are obtained from the function get_gl_transactions() defined in gl/includes/db/gl_db_trans.inc where the sort order in line 176 is: ORDER BY tran_date, counter, the latter being the real sequence element within the transaction date.

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is it possible to change the voucher No in management Panel  "Plesk/Databases/PHP My admin" ????

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doesn't it make problems???

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Dear apmuthu

let me have your answer.

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Voucher numbering is a delicate issue needing utmost care as to whether they are primary keys or have other fields as primary keys and what linkages exist with similar numbered ones during the change process.