Topic: Missing Item Code when printing PO

When I print the PO, I am supposed to have the Item Codes in the left-hand side and then the Item Description. However, the item description is shifted all the way left and covering the column meant for Item code, which is missing. The headers are there but no space for the data.

Can someone help me get the Item Codes back into the printed PO?

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

Which version of FA are you using?
Did you modify the PO report file - rep209.php?
Did you recently change your PHP / MySQL versions?

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

Thank you for your assistance.

I am using version 2.3.24
I did not modify the php file, nor did I make any changes to the PHP/ MySQL versions.
I have not used the PO feature before so have not noticed if this problem has been ongoing but seems it has.

I see in the link you post that you have the same issue.

I am ordering a product that has -
Item Code: 1001
Item Description: Pepper Bird Original

It seems in the example you posted that you also do not have the Item Code printed under the Item Code header but instead the Item Description only.

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

Have you tried ticking the box 'Show Item Codes:' in preferences?

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO


Normally the Supplier does not use our item codes. You can set the item number in the Purchase prices. Here you can include the suppliers item number for the item. This is the reason for not showing our item code.


Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

Thanks guys.

@poncho1234 - yes, I did tick the 'show item codes' in preferences but it has not made a difference.

@Joe - I am just wondering why there is a header saying Item Code in the PO print if it is not supposed to be used. You can see it in the image file uploaded by apmuthu as the initial response.
I have decided to use the item codes in my records that the supplier has assigned. We are the sales agent so aside from services and import duty etc, we only buy from a single supplier. Using their item codes and having them printed on PO makes it easier for them to issue invoice correctly.

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

The show_codes checkbox "name" is available in the preferences menu and gets stored in the users table.

The show_po_item_codes is present as an entry in the sys_prefs table. Under Setup => Banking and GL Setup => Show PO item codes can be checked, and we can then see the item_code printed out in the PO report (rep209.php).

In fixing this, we need to suppress the display of the Item Code heading if not chosen.

The class sys_prefs contains the method show_po_item_codes() which promptly returns the value from the sys_prefs table.

Hence, for now, change line 142 of reporting/rep209.php:

            if ($SysPrefs->show_po_item_codes()) {

to be:

            if ($SysPrefs->show_po_item_codes() || user_show_codes()) {

What is the logic behind this redundancy.....

Re: Missing Item Code when printing PO

The code changes stated in my post above are not required.

The show_codes field in the preferences form is meant to display item_codes in the drop down select boxes for items in the Web UI.

The show_po_item_codes entry in the sys-prefs table controlled by the Setup => Banking and GL Setup form is to direct the display of the item codes in the PO Report (rep209.php).