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I know this topic has been discussed here before, but cant see any working link or extension when searched.

we need to use FA for pharma products- can any one advice any extension so that we can have expiry date and batch number for items

Abu Zarif

Re: Expiry Date and Batch Number

No standard extension in the Official PKG repo as yet.

Re: Expiry Date and Batch Number

It seems the discussions are not active on the above links, can anyone from FA team do this for us ? please contact directly or let me know


Re: Expiry Date and Batch Number

At the moment, you can use the memo field for tracking such info and link them to other tables that will have the relevant data.

Re: Expiry Date and Batch Number

You will need to get it customized from some developer.
We are actively working on it for many pharmaceutical firms, you can check the demo for reference.
User: test
Password: 1234

P.S Make sure to enable it first from the System and GL setup, once you enable it it will let you enter the batch/expiry on the GRN and than later you can select the available batches on the sales delivery form.