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Looking for a professional looking theme that is compatible with 2.3.21.

It should NOT have left vertical menu and should have top horizontal menu only. (similar to studio and modern).

Please contact me on



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Re: New Theme

Hope it suites your needs.

Vanigam Theme

or if you are interested with left menu, try this too.

Saai Theme

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It is advisable to update from FA v2.3.21 to FA 2.3.26 and then choose a theme from there. If you have heavily modified your FA install and / or depend on some extensions, you may need to tweak any theme to suit your needs. If you use any language other than English, the CSS and other column/row spacing may need to be adjusted as well.

There are no DB changes worth mentioning that affect an installation for this upgrade as far as the core is concerned and no extensions that alter the core tables / files are used.

The changed files are attached herein. If you do commission anyone to write a theme for you, it will be good to share it with the community.

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Give it a try, the menu will move to top horizontal as required.

Nofil Memon

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Hi kvvaradha

Thanks and showed the theme to the client. They still like heavy looking themes like "Modern". smile. Lets see.


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Hi apmuthu

System is modified. Last bit is still not completed yet. Thanks for the advise and for the files. Once modifications are completed I will apply these files.

Actually looking for a nice theme suits the client. I will try to get his consent to share it. Hope it will be possible once system runs for sometime.

Thanks again.