Topic: For sale: my FA modification


I have several modification that I have implemented. It seems it can be used by other people who needs similar thing. So, in case anyone interested, I will list what I have. I will always update this list if I have implemented another new modification.

1. Batch number
Basically adding serial or batch number tracking feature for the inventory. What you can do with this module are:
- add batch number when you do GRN or production via manufacturing (add new stock into you inventory)
- choose which batch number you want to deliver to client
- choose batch number when you do stock transfer to other location
- choose batch number when you do stock adjustment

2. Inspection
This module basically add inspection when you receive delivery from supplier. You can specify what are the criteria of the inspection and assign it to each item. Everytime you receive item with inspection plan assigned to it from supplier, you need to fill the inspection. You can specify how many is rejected and how many is accepted depend on this inspection criteria.

3. CSV uploader
I have implemented CSV uploader for transaction. It is different from transaction import module. This is to help you fill the sales order or purchase order form by uploading the list of item. It will automatically populate the list of item.


If you have any question or you want to have modification, please contact me directly via email:
State your modification clearly and your budget for your modification. I have received many request but when I ask them the estimated price, they back off. Before I consider your request, I need to know whether you have reasonable budget or not. I don't want to make some hard modification and request with unreasonable budget.