Topic: Now Importing of Inventory is Possible.

Assalam-o-alikum ! Hello Everybody.

First of all Bundle of Thanks for FrontAccounting Team. All of you work hard for ease of others. Great work !

I am from Pakistan. I am not a programmer. I have just used this great accounting application for my own shop. I've imported more than 4,000 items in Front Accounting. Every item has its Sale Price, Purchase Price, Standard Price, Proper GL Transactions, Quantity, Placement, Suppliers and Customers Data with their respective Transactions.

Since I'm not a programmer, so I have done no programming. I've used reverse technique i.e. I prepare all the entries in Excel and then imported them via PHPmyAdmin (MySQL).

Now it is working quite nicely. Moreover I've re-designed printed slips for purchase and sale for use in Pakistan. (Most of the Asian Countries use this pattern).

One Question ?
Where could i upload files so other can use them for their work.

Re: Now Importing of Inventory is Possible.

Hello Qaiser,
Thank you for your kind words. It really warms. I am glad that you want to share your work with others.
You can send it to:
joe dot hunt dot consulting at gmail dot com. Please replace (dot) with a (.) and (at) with the (@) sign. Sorry for the cryptical email address, but this is due to spam harvesting of email addresses.

You can also use the Contact Us page on the Website, but you have to first contact us because you can not attach files in the contact form.

I will then put it on our website, under downloads.


Re: Now Importing of Inventory is Possible.

What kind of printed slips are these? And where can I go and see them?


Re: Now Importing of Inventory is Possible.

You can upload files anywhere and provide the link in the forum too.