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@apmuthu, Now that the fixed asset module is part of the core, would it help users if fixed assets had its own category in this forum?

There is possibly an argument for dashboard as well? But I'm not so sure about this?

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Even the wiki will need a separate menu link....
@joe: listening?

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@joe & @apmuthu I have written the bare bones of the fixed assets wiki, the main page is here:-

And the eleven other pages linking from this page... Do you need the links posted here?

In the interests of full disclosure "I am not an accountant"

Therefore someone with accounting knowledge needs to review and edit what I written as soon as possible to avoid any dis-information.

To reiterate it is only the bare bones, with a little fleshing out here and there.

What needs to be done:-

1. As apmuthu mentions the link needs to be added to the wiki sidebar, I have tried to edit the sidebar myself, but it just asks me for my login repeatedly, I can only assume that I do not have the necessary permissions or I'm doing something wrong?

2. Full review by an accountant of ALL pages (I have tested what I have written but in no-way 100% certain)

Still to do:-

3. Screenshots need to be added for all pages.

4. Additional examples for the four basic depreciation types need to be added to the main fixed asset page, this should reduce fixed asset posts in the forum. Also I'm not sure if different examples need to be added for nil-value at end of depreciation term and a value at end of depreciation term, for example a car after 3 years; or would an accountant understand how to do this?

5. Additional tips and tricks and FAQ's need to be added where necessary, forum users should help with that.

6. Relevant links to any forum posts need to be added, I have searched, but could not find much?

7. The link to the reports wiki page needs to be added, I (admittedly briefly) tried to find out how to do it, but could not see it anywhere. I think it requires some sort of re-direct link like the other reports links in the other module pages

8. The reports wiki page need to be updated with link to relevant screenshot of the report (there's only one!)

9. Ask existing forum users for their experiences, feedback, etc of using the fixed asset module, and edit pages accordingly: If they are unsure of the wiki mark-up, they can just write in plain text, someone can format it later, or add a post in the forum and someone can edit the wiki accordingly.

Re: Add Fixed asset sub-category to forum

There should be in context notes of what is pertinent to FA 2.4.x alone and not for FA 2.3.x and vice-versa. Info on enabling Fixed Assets config editing permissions too should be available.

Only @joe can edit the Sidebar.

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I have noticed this item, and will look into it.

Only, I am out of resources at present, highly involved in a commercial c++ project.

You know, we have to eat and live too, right smile


Re: Add Fixed asset sub-category to forum

For now, I have added a link to your page in the Wiki's General page and added a few screenshots.