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Dear fellows,

As i salute you all, specially mr. apmuthu for his efforts in this forum, and joe hunt for his great work on the referred module, i kindly as your attention to what i believe is a bug.

we are running version 2.4.2 on a CentOS7 LEMP stack.

we installed module Report Generator and activated it. We updated user role permission to include report generation.

the option becomes available in setup tab.

once we click in 'create new report' or any of those upper screen buttons, we get an error 'domain' refused to connect.
the issue is that the redirect does not contain 'https://' on it. it solely starts with the domain.
if we type 'https://' on the browser to complete the url, it works well.

our server does not accept http connection. only https.

without relaxing this option, what would you advise?

best regards,

fernando a. bender - IT's About People

Re: Report Generator

Compare the files in the official repgen pkg as extracted to the modules folder with that in my GitHub repo and synch as needed.

There 2 places in repgen_createfunct.php (88, 104) and 1 place in repgen_del.php (58) where http can be changed to https - maybe it should be coded to auto choose.

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Re: Report Generator

great thanks, mr. apmuthu.

will work on that and report back.

best regards! - IT's About People

Re: Report Generator

Try this one. Repo updated with auto http / https.

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