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I have seen the Frontaccounting to be used in Southamerica (Bolivia) and there are some special taxes that need a special development (a fixed tax on the alcohol volume of a drink and not on the sale price for example), the TVA in the sales price but another Transaction Tax that goes to a special account. There are some tax reports that should also be developed.

In the case of Germany and Italy, how was the experience of Frontaccounting? Is it possible to use the FA just like this in accounting and taxes subjects, or is it necessary to develop some code?

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Re: German and Italien accounting

Hello panchovilla,

I am using version 2.4.2. and there is by default a german general chart of account amongst the installable options.
The specifics you mentioned regarding taxation on volume, is a very specific case. Beyond country related, it is industry related.
Afaik, taxation is Value Related, and the example you presented is unit related.
It does happen here in brasil, where soft drinks are taxed per liter. It is unfair, but true. So each liter pays a given amount of brazilian reais.
In this case, maybe a workaround would be to have one specific tax according for each different volume bottled product.
The tax is the corresponding tax per liter * product volume / product price.
Each time your price changes, the tax must be updated.

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Re: German and Italien accounting

Thank you.. I have changed the code for Bolivia but for the version 2.3.25 where you can put a specific tax amount for each product.. if you want, we can discuss about this..

I was wondering if for Germany and Italy is it necessary to change something or it can be used as it is now.


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Nice to know that.
How can i reach you out?
please send me a pm, with your preferred contact info and time.

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