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This is an Offer Special for this Forum Users.

You currently use FrontAccounting on your Company, running on your Own local servers.
Your risks are:
1. If you server fails, your company is prevented from the information on your FrontAccounting
2. If you are out of the office, you do not have access to your FrontAccounting, and have to later on sync offline spreadsheet reports
3. All upgrade efforts are on your account and risk

This all together means a significant amount of money each year.

What we offer you:
1. FrontAccounting already installed online on
2. You can easily have your current data, language, setup, modules and customization uploaded on
*** It is as if you have always used it there!
3. You have unlimited users
4. You can always expand it with new modules, customizations and integrations with other softwares
5. You have unlimited backups
6. Our price for this forum users is US$ 39 / mo for 1GB size storage ( US$ 10 / mo discount in every plan )
7. We are committed to prices rises up to 5% / ye
8. We offer a free trial for you to feel calm and safe to decide
9. At anytime you can go back to your on premise solution, so you lose nothing!

Exclusive Benefit: You gain Access to your FrontAccounting ERP outside the office! Then you can
1. Work from Home, or everywhere with Internet. Don't waste your Time and keep having Comfort
2. Have meetings with clients with real time data directly from your FrontAccounting like inventory levels or credit info. This helps to get an Yes!
3. Your Remote Offices are always in sync. Say Goodbye to outdated spreadsheets
4. Activate an Express Office everywhere in the country with internet connection

Get your FREE Trial now on:

We will confirm your user name through forum private message.

Best for all!

fernando a. bender
business manager at

P.S.: *Initial Upload of Files and other services are subject to additional payment, to be evaluated on demand.

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How long have you been in business?   How many clients do you have; where and what using?  Please some details for due-diligence purposes.   Thank you......

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Hello, sgirulat,

Thank you for writing us.
We are in business since 2011. We have currently 38 companies experiencing our services.
They are using beyond FrontAccounting, vTigerCRM, SugarCRM and dotProject (this for project management).
The software can be offered in the preferred language of the user, according to language package availability.
Custom translations can be provided upon request, of both documentation as well as the software.
We also offer software for specific verticals, like Hospitals and Health Management, and Education.
Our Sign up Plans are simple and we charge only by storage, so you have full features, unlimited users and you can bring in your customization.
We built up our value proposition in order to be the Best Value Offer for already users of FrontAccounting in a local office or on web wanting to migrate to the cloud. This grant them access from everywhere there is Internet, a huge step to compete with modern business, already built up on the cloud.
We offer a 30 Days FREE Trial in our servers to clarify our benefits.

* We are open to partnerships with software developers willing to add value reselling our Sign up Plans.

Best regards,
fernando a. bender
Business Manager at - IT's About People

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Use FrontAccounting ERP online at Watch - IT's About People

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How are you different from Online Frontaccounting offered by itself?