Topic: I get warning Message

Hello , I used the FrontAccounting 5 Years ago..
Now i don't know why not working , If i want to make new invoice or quotation i get warning Message shpe (see url attached).
Also i can't see reports , every thing is not working, but i can access the dashboard.


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Re: I get warning Message

Provide details of your install.
Server OS and versions of PHP/MySQL/Apache ?
What version did you upgrade from and to?
Did you have any extensions loaded (like Fixed Assets) before the upgrade? Fixrd Assets s now part of FA 2.4.x.
If you upgraded your Apache from 2.2 to 2.4 adjust your apache conf file.
If you have PHP 7+ and/or you have MySQL >= 5.7 then you will need to search the forums for fixes.

If you are technically challenged, take professional assistance by posting a bounty in the Job Board topic..

Re: I get warning Message

Thank Mr. Muthu for your quick responding..
I use FA more than 4 Years, the problem happened Suddenly.. I don't know why , and actually i'm not making any change or update to my server.

Anyway, I make New installation in my server , Also the FA not working , my server info is:

cPanel Version    64.0 (build 36)
Apache Version    2.4.27
PHP Version    5.5.38
MySQL Version    5.6.35
Architecture    x86_64
Operating System    linux
Shared IP Address
Perl Version    5.10.1
Kernel Version    2.6.32-042stab123.8

I install Last ver of FA (2.4)..

So please If you can assist me , i will appreciate you.

Re: I get warning Message

The table structures / table list of the FA 2.3 has changed in FA 2.4.x. Take a schema dump of the current one and compare it with that of the en_US-new.sql file and see if it is very different and try to run a Setup->Software Upgrade from within the FA Web UI.

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