Topic: Fully Editable Purchase Return

Hi I had created Purchase Return similar Purchase Order. Currently, it can add and save well.

But when it comes to edit, it only allow me to 'edit' the quantity field and it doesn't save and it prompt me 'The list price entered must be numeric and not less than zero.' when the list price is not less than zero and also numeric.

However, when i add a new line item, it can save successfully. When i tried to edit the new line item after saved, it allow me to edit price and quantity instead..

This is code is copied from the PO edit function.. Please help

Re: Fully Editable Purchase Return

In your Purchase Return file, you will have a copy of the function check_data() where the error emanates. Try to capture the value of the price form field variable and check what rounding off error causes it based on PHP version, MySQL version and Apache version nuances apart from platform dependancies - mention these versions and which version of FA you are using.