Topic: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

The price being invoiced is more than the purchase order price by more than the allowed over-charge percentage. The system is set up to prohibit this. See the system administrator to modify the set up parameters if necessary.The over-charge percentage allowance is :10%

The message appears when I will click add items in Supplier Invoice.
Please help to resolve this.


Re: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

Which version of FA are you using - v2.3.x or v2.4.x?
What is your OS platform / MySQL / PHP for the server and version?
Which client browser and version are you using?

The said message emanates from Line 273 of purchasing/supplier_invoice.php.
If you want to brute force it then comment out the lines 266-279 in it.
Check the settings in your sys_prefs table / config settings for the real fix.

Re: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

I use FA 2.4.1 version.

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Re: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

If you want to turn off this warning, then in your config.php file, set the variable:

    $check_price_charged_vs_order_price = false;

The function over_charge_allowance() (in the file includes/prefs/ returns the margin (default = 10%) using the per company variable po_over_charge in the sys_prefs table.

Re: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

I have done according to the above steps, but I still can't make Supplier Invoice.
Now if I hit Enter Invoice, then nothing happen. Just move from the bottom to the top of the same page.

Re: Can't Enter Supplier Invoice

Clear all browser cache and try it.
That is the setting that should do it unless it is a scope / visibility issue.