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I have FA 2.4.1 installed on a local server under Ubuntu Server 16.04 and installed and activated the Import Multiple Journal Entries extension.

I am trying to take on a new company in the middle of the financial year. 

I successfully set up the opening balances and want to now import the various expenses through the bank as a multi line journal.  I set the format as per Ross Addison's template but when I try and run the extension I get:

      Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file:
      /var/www/html/account/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 68
      Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_fetch_assoc() in

I am afraid I am a bit of a noob when it comes to PHP and MySql.  Can anyone help me with what is going on here and how I fix please?


Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

Check this post.

Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

Hello.  I did the mysqli changes but how do you do the changes to "the  in modules/import_transactions/includes/" please? I could not find any line containing generic db_fetch_array

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In the file at <web_fa_root>/modules/import_transactions/includes/,
Search for mysql_fetch_assoc
Replace with db_fetch_array

There is no need for any mysqli changes as the connection choice is automatic.

Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

For your information: Something appears to have gone wrong in the latest version of the Import Transactions module as contained in the 2.4.2 update. I had the   Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file: problem but then overwrote the module with the version I had downloaded from apmuthus's repo and the problem disappeared.

Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

Import Transactions is not contained in any "FA 2.4.2 update". It is a plugin by itself that has not been updated as yet in the official FA pkg distribution repo. Install it and overwrite the files with their counterparts from my repo for now till the devs update the pkg in the official repo.