Topic: Importing Multiple Line Journal

I have FA 2.4.1 installed on a local server under Ubuntu Server 16.04 and installed and activated the Import Multiple Journal Entries extension.

I am trying to take on a new company in the middle of the financial year. 

I successfully set up the opening balances and want to now import the various expenses through the bank as a multi line journal.  I set the format as per Ross Addison's template but when I try and run the extension I get:

      Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file:
      /var/www/html/account/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 68
      Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_fetch_assoc() in

I am afraid I am a bit of a noob when it comes to PHP and MySql.  Can anyone help me with what is going on here and how I fix please?


Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

Check this post.

Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

Hello.  I did the mysqli changes but how do you do the changes to "the  in modules/import_transactions/includes/" please? I could not find any line containing generic db_fetch_array

Re: Importing Multiple Line Journal

In the file at <web_fa_root>/modules/import_transactions/includes/,
Search for mysql_fetch_assoc
Replace with db_fetch_array

There is no need for any mysqli changes as the connection choice is automatic.