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Topic: Cost of goods sold (services)


I invoiced a services Item which had been invoiced by supplier and I enter it, but FA doesn't made a transaction that transfer the cost of that service to COGS, so it makes my inventories more than fact.

I mean when I enter a supplier invoice my inventory increase but by sales invoice it doesn't decrease or doesn't increase a opposite code.

I was careful about COGS code  in GL Accounts item.

What should I do?

Re: Cost of goods sold (services)

Does it mean that no one experience it before?

it means no one have services activity in FA members?

Re: Cost of goods sold (services)

Service if bought from a supplier and then sold is not a native service of the company. See if a "charges" item type suffices.

Re: Cost of goods sold (services)

you are right but the problem is FA add the services I bought to warehouse it increase my Inventory dummy.

Re: Cost of goods sold (services)

you have selected the wrong "item type" in the "inventory/items" > "items" screen. Select "service" instead of purchased.

Re: Cost of goods sold (services)

I create 4 services Items. I set the type of all of them "service".I select cost of good sold in GL Account as C.O.G.S. account. but still enter inventory in warehouse. I thought there is something else that I should set up.