Topic: Problem with Trial Balance.

Hello ..
When i 1st installed FA i wasn't able to close the fiscal year that was opened.. i read the forums and i learned how to delete the old fiscal years from within the database, and then i was able to start a new fiscal year.

i wanted to mention that at the beginning in case that it had anything to do with the problem that we are having with the trial balance.

if you check the Image.. you'll see that except for the expenses class.. my other classes don't show the groups or the accounts that belong to the class.

i don't know how to fix it.. but if you read the error which says
The Opening Balance is not in balance, probably due to a non closed Previous Fiscal year.
this error is mistaken.. because i have only one fiscal year.

Please help.

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Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

Try to make a fresh installation and create the closing balance and create a new fiscal year and set it to be the active one and then close the earlier fiscal and then delete the earlier fiscal and then see if the trial balance for the current one tallies. It is imperative for the IDs of the fiscal years to be in chronological order.

Alternatively start with the current fiscal year and insert a journal voucher for the opening balance and then check if the trial balance tallies before beginning to enter the transactions for the current fiscal year.

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Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

Doesn't seem to be working..
I'd say its the ar_EG-8digits CoA, its corrupted out of the box.
when using the default CoA "the one with the demo data, or the new company" everything works just fine.

Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

Use the en_US-new.sql to start with. Gradually introduce the ar_EG-8digits CoA in stages, starting first with the normal translations and then work your way thru' to the 8 digit account codes. See when and where it breaks. Alternatively try to check the difference in the schemas between the two CoAs.

Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

I'd rather translate en_US-new.sql to Arabic since the 8 digits is really UN-needed and it looks bad.
And the arabic language translation also needs some work since many strings are not presented in the current "Old" file.

I'll send the files to you once done.

Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

Please see the versions in my online repo:

1. 8 Digits Arabic CoA

2. 4 digits Arabic CoA

3. en_US-new.sql - English US Standard 4 digit CoA.

The differences between 1 and 3 above are that VARCHAR(60) in the English CoA is VARCHAR(120) in the Arabic CoA for the following fields to accommodate multibyte characters:


Re: Problem with Trial Balance.

Thanks .. all clear now, i'll be getting the Arabic files ready in few days.