Topic: What would cause user's permission to change ?

i have a Frontaccounting installed for a company which has about 10 users who are actively using Fronaccounting..
and each one with a special access level, most of them with salesman permission.

Sometimes and for some reason the user who has a salesman permission would be able to perform tasks that are only allowed for the super admin.

i don't know if this got anything to do with our new server that is running php 7 and CentOS 7.3

We also have Engintron for cPanel/WHM which integrates Nginx web server as a "reverse caching proxy" in front of Apache in cPanel.

i read that it caches & serve static assets like CSS, JavaScript, images etc. as well as dynamic HTML with a 1 second micro-cache.

anyone got a fix or heard about this problem before ??

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Re: What would cause user's permission to change ?

You are on your own if you try to run FA stable on PHP 7 though the wiki and the forum have pointers to others efforts. Later versions of MySQL have the non zero date issue as well where the '0000-00-00 00:00:00' and '0000-00-00' are not accepted in datetime / timestamps.

Also check the cache of your browser and make sure it is cleared on exit and the new user logs in from a new instance of the browser after all instances have been closed.

Re: What would cause user's permission to change ?

its been 24 hours since this bug happened..
so here is the fix for anyone who might face the same problem where the permission would change suddenly.

Add this code to the custom rules of Engintron/NginX

if ($SITE_URI ~* "") {
    set $CACHE_BYPASS_FOR_DYNAMIC 1; # Disables micro-caching
    set $CACHE_BYPASS_FOR_STATIC 1; # Disables static file caching