Topic: Black screen Zen Cart import module (2.4.RC1)

I was running FA 2.3.25 before including the Zen Cart import module. For several reasons I had to move to a new hosting provider (one of the best rated in NL). I copied the entire FA folder and database to the new server, but was unable to run FA. I also tried with a clean install of 2.3.25 but also did not work (white screen, login paga did not show). I think this had something to do with the PHP version running on the new server.

I was able to install a clean version of 2.4.RC1. This worked well. Also I was able to migrate my data and (after the database conversion) and things worked well.

But I can't get the Zen Cart Import module working. I installed a new extention from the setup/extention screen and followed installation instructions (setup new security settings etc). Upon opening the module link a blanc screen appears. This has something to do with an error in the original code of the module (zencart.php, line 24 & 25 refers to folder "zen_orders" but this should be "zen_import". See several other posts about this error). I corrected this error and now the Zen Cart Import module opens after clicking the link.

But then I had to enter the database connection information. After submitting this information I receive a blank screen again and cannot get back to this database connection information screen. The database information entered is 100% correct. If I delete the Zen_Cart table from the FA database, then I will be able to open the Zen Cart Import module again within FA, but then after entering the database connection information again, I continue receiving a blank screen on opening the Zen Cart Import module.

Can help someone with this problem? I really need this module for my webshop bookkeeping. Willing to pay if additional developing/coding is needed.

Re: Black screen Zen Cart import module (2.4.RC1)

Likely mysql php vs mysqli.  If you set debug=1 in the config php file you would see the error displayed.  FA 2.4.x supports mysqli which is preferred over mysql in PHP 5.x


Re: Black screen Zen Cart import module (2.4.RC1)

I see the following error in the webservers error log:

FastCGI: server "/var/run/php70-cgi/php-cgi" stderr: PHP message: include_once(): Failed opening '../lang/' for inclusion (include_path='.:'), referer: https://***DOMAINNAME***.nl/admin/inst_lang.php?

any idea? many thanks.

Re: Black screen Zen Cart import module (2.4.RC1)

This means that either you
1. skipped the install process or
2. your folder permissions did not allow the creation of the file /lang/ during the install process or
3. Your path to webroot is wrongly set somewhere possibly in the extension's files.

A sample /lang/ file would be like:


/* How to make new entries here for non-packaged languages:

-- 'code' should match the name of the directory for the language under \lang
.-- 'name' is the name that will be displayed in the language selection list (in Users and Display Setup)
-- 'rtl' only needs to be set for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew
-- 'encoding' used in translation file
-- 'version' always set to '' for manually installed languages.
-- 'path' installation path related to FA root (e.g. 'lang/en_US').

$installed_languages = array (
  0 => 
  array (
    'code' => 'C',
    'name' => 'English',
    'encoding' => 'iso-8859-1',

$dflt_lang = 'C';