Topic: Setting up payment system(Visa/Mastercard)


Quick question, does front accounting offer intergration with online payment services eg. Visa and Mastercard?

If so please point me to a tutorial/link on how to set this up.

Also in my country we have mobile wallets payment system(Mpesa) and our mobile service provider has been kind enough to open up the API so that you can pull the payment made via mobile wallet. Does Front Accounting support such an API integration? ie is it possible to have it linking to external servers and updating the sales/cash records.

On the tax report,is there a way to have the data customized in a format so that you can export it in a spreadsheet and import the same to the revenue authority system using the format of the revenue authority( so that you avoid the manual work of formatting the data).

Any help on the above will be appreciated.


Re: Setting up payment system(Visa/Mastercard)

FA does not have any payment integration out of the box.
1. Roll your own extension for it or
2. Integrate FA with any POS software which has one or make/buy one for that.

Most Mobile Payment service providers would be happy to make it free for you to get traction for their business.

All or most reports in FA have the option of outputting in Excel.
All FA Reports can be customised (see the reporting/repXXX.php files) and new ones made.