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Is it possible to create a Work Orders without a BOM? Since the company wanted to Create a Work Order after the Sales Order is confirmed...

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No, you can't. During WO  entry quantityon hand is checked, which can not be done if BOM doesn't exists.

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No, but you can create a dummy service and enter 0 service items for the BOM. Then enter work order, Advanced Manufacture. Then release and issue the items needed. Finally produce it.


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Just press the '#' label.


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Joe, how can someone issue a WO. I tried a million times and all my quantity have sufficient amount in the stock but stil I can not issue a WO. Here's the error message given out."The issue cannot be processed because it would cause negative inventory balance for marked items as of document date or later!"

I also tried to follow this instruction -> and I changed the respective (work_order_issue.php) files but nothing changed. Please Joe and everyone around I need help here.

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@touchman: duplicate post here.

@joe: Where is the '#' label to press?

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This is the label for the first column.

Sorry for not answering so quickly. I am on a cruise from Buenos Aires.


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Manufacturing => Outstanding Work Orders

Pressing the '#' sorts the Work_Order IDs.

@joe: how does this fix @touchman's issue?

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