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Topic: Extend for Customer Ledger & Profit Loss Statement with Dimensions

Have been using FA quite long, and tried to have report that generated from FA directly for calculating sales commission based on the payment term,

as I'm quite knowing for PHP code, but not quite understand to newly generate report in FA, looking for advice

We want to generate the report as below, required to grab data for the invoice customer and the cogs and cost related to dimensions
No.    Date                    Invoice#    Dimension    Customer    Description   Revenue             COGS             Cost                GP                  GP (in %)    Payment Term     Due Date            Payment            Over Due   
1    8-Jan-2018    137        VXXX        PT. XXX    UPS 650V     1,325,454.55      934,454.56      100,000.00      290,999.99      28.13%    14 days            22-Jan-2018    31-Jan-2018    9 days   

No.    -> reference counter only
Date    -> Invoice date               
Invoice#    -> Invoice no
Dimension    -> We tag dimension for transaction (dimension in item, dimension in supplier invoice, dimension in customer invoice, dimension in bank payment)
Customer    -> Customer name
Description   -> one of items name
Revenue       -> total invoice
COGS       -> total from COGS for the items goods sell     
Costs           -> cost related from "Bank Payment" that we tag through Dimension
GP               -> Profit
GP (in %)       -> Profit %
Payment Term -> Payment term in the customer information    
Due Date          -> Due Date in Customer Invoice 
Payment          -> Payment Date
Over Due         -> show duration for Payment Date - Due Date

with this report (able to export to spreadsheet) we can calculate more flexible in spreadsheet for sales commission percentage depend on the payment date

checking from FA extension this should can be basis report

checking with https://github.com/apmuthu/FA24extensions/tree/master/Extensions/pl_dimension
and Report & Analysis, that already can printed Profit Loss Statement with Dimension,
do this can be print dimension more than once, from "Dimension A" to "Dimension Z"

please advice, or this should posting in Jobs wanted/offered, non-free offers, pls give us quote.