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Topic: Where to find this ModifyOrderNumber?

where can i find this ModifyOrderNumber=61? im trying to find this ui for this ModifyOrder wanted to add another input value ?

what im trying to say is how do i make Supplier editable again since can't click or use drop down menu ?

display_footer_exit();     <------------  where can i find this function? im trying to make new footer_exit by going all the way into the index.php where the user is how do i do that ?.

display_note(get_trans_view_str(          _("&Edit Link"))   ); -------> what params do i need to *** this edit link when user already place and order   


View this order

Print This Order

Edit Link ----------------> wanted to know how to put edit link if the user does not wants to edit it but don't know how

Email This Order

Receive Items on this Purchase Order

Enter Another Purchase Order

Select An Outstanding Purchase Order already got it thanks but my problems is how to make modify order supplier editable again ?